Summer of ’49 Team Guidelines

In order for the league to remain fun and competitive with little turnover we have established a competition Committee and League Guidelines. In the establishment of the following we understand that expulsion from the league is a serious consequence and the same will never be taken lightly. The competition committee will strive to be open in all of its decision-making and will be open to comments from the league at all times. Please remember that the Guidelines are to increase competitiveness and make the game fair and enjoyable for all.

1. Winning % Rule – Each franchise is expected to remain competitive in this league. Competitiveness is defined as a .400 winning percentage. If a franchise has a season where it falls below .400 winning percentage they will be notified of the same and that if they fail to achieve the .400 the next season then they will be subject to expulsion. The competition committee will review the franchise and make a decision following the regular season. If the franchise is allowed to stay after 2 consecutive sub-.400 seasons a 3rd consecutive sub-.400 season will result in automatic expulsion.

2. Minor league management – It is expected a full complement of position players and pitchers will be on the roster at every minor league level. There is no expectation to daily management of the minor leagues or of talent level and no minimum winning percentage in the minor leagues. You can have the AI manage all levels of the minor leagues. Violators will be warned and expected to correct deficiencies in their minor leagues at the soonest possible time. If the offending owner fails to correct the problem or becomes a persistent offender that owner will be subject to expulsion.

3. Active ML roster – You are expected to carry 25 men on your major league roster at all times. The league understands there may be short periods of time where you only have 24 active players on the ML level. These matters will be reviewed when brought to the attention of the competition committee. The offending owner will have the ability to explain the lapse in following this Guideline. Repeat offenses may result in expulsion. At no time should the active ML roster fall below 24 men. If this happens the owner will have an opportunity to explain the lapse in following this guideline. However, the owner will also be subject to review for immediate expulsion.

4. ML Service time – Of course, most experienced owners understand how to manipulate service time in order to keep ML salary down while fielding a good team. As the rules in HBD differ from the actual ML rules and as it is understood that late season demotions to save service time would not be tolerated by an organizations fans or by the respective player we will not allow the blatant manipulation of service time. This regulation does not apply to waiting the requisite time period at the beginning of a season to save on the first year of service time. It is hard to make a hard and fast rule with this regulation and none is proposed. It is a “you know it when you see it” type of situation. Any alleged violations will be submitted to the committee for review and the alleged offending owner will be notified that this practice will not be tolerated. Repeat offences may result in the expulsion of the offending owner.

Please remember that we are all here to have fun and we all like to be competitive. We do not want to be in a situation where owners are asked to leave or expelled from the league. We strive to have the same owners season after season with minimal turnover. This league has established itself as a reputable league and we hope that these regulations will help for us to uphold that reputation moving into the future. Thanks for your consideration and see you on the diamond.


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